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Senior Game Designer

Samuel Molina

aka 'FuKuy'

Geek and passionate gamer.
Focus on creating missions, compelling narrative and great worldbuilding.
10+ years experience developing video games for mobile, PC and consoles.

Love to communicate and share my passion about game development: universities and schools, podcasts, Youtube, Twitch and other media.

+ Critical thinking.
+ Team player.
+ Patient and optimistic.
+ Good at managing and leading.
+ Effective communicator.
+ Driven by passion and learning.

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Game development

Star Citizen


  • AAA Online Space Simulator

  • Creation of multiplayer missions

  • Help and mentor juniors on the team

  • Use of several proprietary tools

  • Visual Scripting

  • Narrative Design

  • Game progress balancing

  • Establish new pipelines and maintain documentation

Senior Content Designer

Endling Exttinction is Forever


  • AA Survival Adventure

  • Ideation of all core game systems

  • Create game pillars and pitch the project to investors

  • Lead the Design Team

  • First pass on the AI behaviour design

  • Game progress balancing

  • Level and Worldbuilding

  • Create and maintain documentation

Principal Game Designer

Youtubers Life


  • Indie Manager Sims PC Game

  • Design new gameplay mechanics

  • Game progress balancing

  • Create and maintain documentation

Game Designer

Esports Life Tycoon


  • Indie Strategy PC Game

  • Improve First Time User Experience

  • Game progress balancing

  • Consultant on UI and UX

Game Design Consultant

Run Sheldon Power Costumes


  • Endless Runner Mobile

  • Design new powerups

  • Game progress balancing

  • Economy balancing

  • Create and maintain documentation

  • Design and pitch new game features

Game Designer


  • RPG Mobile Game

  • Design core combat mechanics

  • Prototype and pitch new game features

  • Create World map progression

  • Narrative Design

Game Designer

Unforgiven VR
Extra Life


  • Transmedia adventure game

  • Co-Creation of game idea

  • Creative Direction

  • Narrative Design

  • Design core gameplay mechanics

  • Pitch project to investors

Project Lead


  • Indie VR Competitive Online

  • Design diegetic UI/UX

  • Game feel balancing

  • Design and pitch new game features

Game Design Consultant

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Videogame communicator and host

II Laboratorio de Piratería (UIC 2017)


Checkpoint News


3,1416 SER Radio Barcelona


Fun and Serious 2018


Tenerife LAN Party 2017

Event Host

CEV Demo Day 2015


Get in Touch

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitch


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